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A mother's promise &
journey to transformation

How she healed me

When Naomi Cook's daughter, Hana, was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour Naomi  went through hell on earth. She made her daughter a promise - that she would find a way to heal her, waging a war against her conditions. Her quest led to medical world firsts and took the family all over the world. Naomi thought she was winning ... until Hanna's tumour came back.

Naomi’s story of heartbreak at watching her young daughter, Hana, suffer from a life-threatening illness and the effects of its treatment is intimately intertwined with her own, and Hana's, spiritual growth. The heartbreak, frustration, hope, fury, uncertainty, confusion and peace is expressed beautifully, with the author conveying the raw emotion of each moment in such a tangible and relatable way. I felt like I was there with Naomi and her family the whole time. This book is inspiring but not preachy, and provides a moving example of how a terrible situation can give birth to something wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.


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