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​This is a meaty book – science based for those who love a scientific foundation to the concept of ‘self healing’. Joe outlines how he healed himself from terrible injuries only by ‘thought’ and then uses science to explain how we can all do the same. It is a fantastic read, and very inspiring.

Joe Dispenza

​Another great book outlining the power of the mind in self healing, less scientifically dense than Dispenza’s book so a quicker read and just as inspiring.

Lissa Rankin

​Another great book that teaches the reader how to self heal using colours and visualisations – fascinating reading for those just venturing into realising the power of the mind and visuals in self healing.

Inna Segal

​This was THE book that practically dropped into my lap the week my hand chakras popped open. The dawning realisation or ‘remembering’ as I turned each page was bliss, I highly recommended this easy read for beginners to the concept of past lives.

Brian Weiss

​If you need inspiration / faith that miracles happen this is THE book. It is a huge collection of reader stories sent into Brian Weiss over the years, fascinating and also chunky (I love a big book!).

Brian Weiss

​This book amazed me with the ‘evidence’ behind past lives shown on some of the shared and described past life memories here. This is probably one of my favourites.

Brian Weiss

​How much wisdom can one pack into a single sentence (after sentence after sentence) Tamura’s book is highly educational, and I’m not biased in saying that his teachings are spot on (well, it was reading this book that prompted me to ask him to write my foreword!).

Michael J Tamura

​What makes these works by Paul Selig so amazing to read is that his channelled guides work with you whilst you are reading. I Am the Word led to a cascade of exciting life changes for me (enter Project Starseed!). 

Paul Selig

​Selig’s guides are some of my fave beings in the universe. Highly recommend Selig's works.

Paul Selig

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